Chat With Any Friend Using Command Prompt

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Computer, Tricks
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Today i will tell you a simple, cool, rare and very unique trick. This trick will be very useful for you. If you want personal chat with a friend then you don’t need to download any software like yahoo messenger or to visit any website like Facebook. All you need is your friends IP address and Command Prompt. These two things can be easily found. Command Prompt is pre-installed installed in the PC, and you can get IP of your friend by simply calling him or by message.

1.) Firstly, open Notepad and Copy and Paste the following code:
@echo off
set /p n=User:
set /p m=Message:
net send %n% %m%
Goto A
2.) Now save this as “Messenger.bat”.
3.) Open the .bat file and in Command Prompt you will see:
4.) After “User” type the IP address of the computer you want to contact. After this, you should see this:
chat 2 cmd Chat With Any Friend Using Command Prompt
5.) Now type in the message you wish to send. Before you press “Enter” it should look like this:
Message: Hi
Now all you need to do is press “Enter”, and start chatting!


Sometimes it will give you an error, then follow these steps :-


 Go to control panel, Administrative tools, when that comes up go to computer management, then go to services and applications, it’s on the right of the window that pops up, almost the same location, click services, still on the right side of that window scroll through the along list till you get to messenger option, open it, where it says startup type, change the menu from disabled to automatic, or manual, after you do this, at the bottom click apply, then click start, and it loads a bar, after it loads you can click out all of it and run the messenger, but the person you are sending your message to has to go through the same steps. He has to make the same messenger and have to follow the upper process to make it work.


I hope you will like this post.

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