Tracing IP address by Chat

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Hacking
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As its cleared with title of post that i am gonna tell a new method 
of tracking someone’s IP through chat/mail… Its very easy way and 
anyone can easily get into ur trap without knowing that u r tracking 

Well in this method u just have to paste a image link during chat 
and convince ur friend to check this image, by just saying that its a 
painting made by you, or its a photography did by you, and please review
on it….. and as soon as they click on the image link, you will get 
their all info like their IP, Location near by, country, browser, OS 
information, time….etc.

Today during testing, i just went into a yahoo chat room…and convinced
a person ‘Narenra’ to review the image…. and tracked all his 
information Smile

check the screenshot……Chat in left and His info is in right Smile

Okay, Now the main thing…. how i did that, how you can trace these 
info using a Pic only…. hmmm there is nothing so tricky here…. just 
follow the procedure….

1. Create an account on site

2. Now login using ur account on the given site in step 1.

3. Now you will see many images, as given in below screenshot….. choose any one according to ur choice and click on it….

4. Now a new page will be open with your “trackcode(image url)”…. now just copy it and paste it in chat or send it by mail.

5. As soon as ur target person click on that…. you will get his info in “Track Result” section.

I hope you like my post. 


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