Today most of the bloggers used WordPress as their blogging platform as it is very much secure and highly customizable. Many plugins and themes are available on WordPress official website to make your WordPress website look beautiful and to increase its performance. When you login into your admin panel, then you see the old grayish look of the admin panel. I am sure you are now fed up of that look and you want to change it. Today i will tell you a simple trick to change the look of admin panel and after changing it, your admin panel will look like Facebook. The blueish looks of Facebook will come to your WordPress admin panel.

Isn’t it strange giving Facebook look to WordPress, but its true. You just have to install a simple plugin. After you installed that plugin, your admin panel will look like Facebook. I have attached an image of WordPress admin panel with that plugin installed. This plugin is a type of skin for your WordPress admin panel that makes WordPress look like Facebook.

blue admin Make WordPress Admin Panel Look Like Facebook

So isn’t it look like Facebook? So don’t wait and transform your WordPress looks to Facebook one. The name of the plugin is Blue Admin. I am very much impressed by Blue Admin. It simply change what we use daily into new looks. The design is inspired by Facebook- having the same color scheme, fonts and button styles. The design remains same and consistent throughout the various screens of admin panel.

So what are you waiting for Download Blue Admin Here.

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  1. ashley says:

    nice share keet it up

  2. rohit says:

    what is wordpress????

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