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Guys today i will tell you how to use original Window 7 for 1year without activating it with Window Loader. This is the fact when we activate Window 7 with the Window Loader, it is a type of bypass which activate the Windows but decrease the original performance of Window 7. But today i will tell you the bypass which will not decrease the Windows performance. Most of you might will not be aware of the fact that it is possible to use Windows 7 and Vista for 120 days without activation. (more…)


GodMode is a term which means to create that mode where all the settings can be accessed without any need to go in the Control Panel and browse different Menus. God Mode as the name suggest is not a part of any standard process of the operating system.
The God Mode is a hidden menu of Windows 7 and Vista which is a quick and easy way to make an interface that will show all the settings and values that are essential for the Windows. (more…)