There are a lot of websites on the Internet that provides free sms services but only handful of them allows you to send Sms without registration and anonymously. In this post I will review the services of 4 sms websites that allows you to send Anonymous messages. Read the rest of this entry »


Windows save list of recently opened files and show them in start menu. Its very convinient to find files. But if you wanna some privacy, if you don;t want others to see which files and programs you opened than you can hide recent files.

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Several web sites turn off the ability of right-click on there pages.  Web administrators are using this to protecting their web pages from unauthorized copying. This is very common in past, but still there are lots of sites using this to protect copying there content by others. They use simple JavaScript to disable the ability of right-clicking on there web pages. Here I’m going to show you a very simple way to turn this function ON. Read the rest of this entry »

Here Are Working Balance Transfer Tricks For All Mobile Networks.


Airtel Balance Transfer

To Transfer Balance In Airtel Just Dial *141# And Follow The Onscreen Instructions. Read the rest of this entry »

How many times has it happened with you that you are busy with your phone while walking and almost took a fall because of that unnoticed pebble that came in your way?

Yep, It has had been a case for me and I believe that you too must have had a similar experience. Well, the way out is to put the mobile into your pocket and concentrate on the path but this is easier said that done icon wink

A better alternative is to take the help of Transparent Screen android app. An app to ensure that you don’t take a fall while using an app. Confusing, Eh?!

Screen, as the name sounds, is an app developed by Sascha Affolter, which once activated, make the screen on your android phone translucent and in the background shows the path you are walking. WhatTransparent Screen does is, it captures or I should say live stream’s using the mobile phone’s camera and displays the same on the mobile screen BUT with a degree of transparency.

All you have to do is, “Start” the app and then carry on with other activities on your device. You’ll be able to see where you are walking and at the same time do all the tweeting fb’ng, et al!

Personal Experience

I did test this app for a while, though I do more of driving that actual walking, and found it to be extremely useful. There’s no doubt about its usefulness. However, getting used to the translucent screen will take some time but i believe it’ll be worth it in the end.

The Downside

To be frank there’s nothing “down” about this app. It does what it claims. Though, there are 2 things which I am including here just to convey it to the developer:

  1. The resolution, when set above 320 (length) results in lag of the camera stream. Though the developer has specifically mentioned about it but if he could work on it then we can enjoy a better quality view.
  2. This is one is a bit ridiculous but I am including it just for the sake of it. When video’s are played with Transparent Screen activated, the rear camera stream sticks in the middle of the video rather than being in background.

Apart from these 2 (not a deal breaker though) negates, Transparent Screen is a great app indeed. All those who do “mobile walking” (nice term, no?!), Transparent Screen is a must have application for your Android. Install it now!

Transparent Screen has 2 versions, the free one (with ads, NO start at system boot) and PRO version (NO ads, start at system boot). Install the free version first to see if it does suit you and then grab the paid version icon smile

In this age all people know that we can install two or more operating systems on the same partition or on same hard drive. For example you can install windows 98 with windows 2000 or Windows XP and also windows XP with Windows vista. You can install both operating systems on the same partition (both on C: drive) or on different partitions (one operating system on C drive and other on D drive). But installing more than oneoperating system on same drive kill the system performance. Read the rest of this entry »

Ever wondered of a way to format your hard disk using just notepad ?
I bet you haven’t even thought about it or if you have had then you would still have preferred using reliable software’s available to do the job.

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